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In this video I will be answering the question of "What is Ask.FM?" I will give a brief explanation and a demonstration of how to use the website. Let me kno
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We’re happy that you’re excited about answering some questions on ASKfm! Here are some tips on how to get more questions. The first, and most fun, …
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FAQ. Anonymity and Privacy / Questions and Answers. Profile Settings. Registration / Login / Cancel Account. Policies and Reporting. Banned Profiles and Safety
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Ask.fm is a question asking and answering service that gives people the opportunity to ask and answer controversial questions totally anonymously. The answers can be either in text or video format, and users can also browse other people’s profiles with the option of submitting questions directly to them.
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Get in touch with ASKfm (@askfm) — 1980 answers, 1455677 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about ASKfm by getting answers on ASKfm.
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At ASKfm, our premise is simple: we believe questions and answers are the building blocks of conversation, self-expression and deeper understanding. As the only global social network built on a Q&A format, we are a bit different from other services you might use.
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Ask.fm is an anonymous question and answer platform website used regularly by lots of young people in Ireland and around the world. It allows anyone to post anonymous comments and questions to a person’s profile and is increasingly being used as a means to communicate abusive, bullying and sexualised content.
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ASKfm (@askfm) — 1980 answers, 1455677 likes | ASKfm
Get in touch with Fia (@Fiamirri) — 52851 answers, 1345200 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about Fia by getting answers on ASKfm.

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