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This test will check to see if retardation is something you need to worry about in yourself. Its just for fun, so please dont take your result seriously. As a prank, share with suspected retard friends! BONUS LAUGH: Just for fun, write, "I am sofa king we todd it" on a piece of paper and have them read it out loud! Youll die laughing when you hear what youre really saying!

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Mummified remains of a dog found in the trunk of an oak tree in 1980. Experts determined that it was most likely a hunting dog that had pursued its prey up into the hollow tree sometime in the 1960s by The_gay_retard in interestingasfuck

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The word retarded has changed, just like the word gay has changed. I miss the days when we could say “fuck this, it’s fukken gay” or “fuck off retard” without the PC police like you descending like flies onto shit. I will continue to call people who do dumb things “retard”, I will continue to say things like “political

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In modern use, retard is a pejorative term either for someone with a mental disability or for someone who is stupid, slow to understand, or ineffective in some way. The adjective retarded is in the same way used for something very foolish or stupid.. It was previously used as a genuine term in medical contexts. The verb "to retard" means to delay or hold back, and so "retard" became known as a

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Fat gay retard unknown. Ben. Ben is a fat gay retard. by DannyDevito69 November 17, 2018. 15 3. Get a Fat gay retard mug for your mate Helena. Jun 9 Word of the Day. bothsidesism unknown. When a person tries to make you believe that both sides are equally responsible for something even though one is really, clearly, at fault.

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