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This ship is most likely to be canon in my opinion. Plus its very healthy. Tbh, I love this ship and Im not going to hie it. People have definitely created some odd ships but this one was the one that caught my eye because of all the positive opinions and attention it got. Some people dont like it but to me, its the one ship that I will remember FOREVER. I guess maybe the reason I support

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lesbian ship History. Lesbian was built by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd as yard number 1211. She was launched on 31 July 1923 and completed in September 1923. Lesbian was the third Ellerman Lines ship to bear that name. She was named after the inhabitants of Lesbos, Greece.. On 24 May 1925, Lesbian ran aground at Kephez, Turkey. She was refloated on 27 May 1925.

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lesbian ship Olivia Lesbian Travel: Cruises, Resorts and Vacations for Lesbians! Reservations Calendar of Trips Marvel as your ship is raised, then lowered, 85 feet to sail gracefully through three massive locks in the Panama Canal, renowned as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Our 4-masted sailing ship will anchor in ports where the large ships cannot go, so you will enjoy more solitude and less

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lesbian ship Lesbian was a built as a cargo ship for the Ellerman Lines by W. Harkess & Sons of Middlesbrough. Sources do not indicate when Lesbian s keel was laid, but she was launched on 3 April 1915, and completed by July of the same year. The ship was 93.1 metres (305 ft 5 in) long (between perpendiculars) and was 12.9 metres (42 ft 4 in) abeam.

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Lesbian ships are the best Used to be an exclusively Elsanna (Frozen) blog, but now Ill also be posting things of other ships, like Charoix (Little witch academia) or Cassunzel (Tangled)

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What characters do you headcanon as lesbians? Do you ship them with anybody? 18. Do you have any favorite lesbian ships? Are any of them canon? If you could make only one lesbian ship canon (pre-existing ships included), which one would you choose? 19. What would you say is the best thing about being a lesbian? 20. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for young lesbians who are

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